Forum Posting

There are community forums online for almost every niche and industry for like minded people to talk to each other. You can find forums for your business by searching Google for “[business type] Forum”. Identify the forums in your industry with the largest user base, start posting there and become an active community member. Most forums will allow you to leave a link to your website in your post signature, so the more you post the more traffic you’ll get.

Blog Commenting

Writing comments on blog posts written by industry experts with lots of followers can bring your website some good traffic. When you post a comment, those blog post usually let you leave a link back to your site for other readers to check out. Make sure you post insightful comments and post when new blog posts go up. The higher in the comments you are the more clicks you’ll get. There are countless blogs on the Internet, be sure to post comments on the ones that are relevant to your business.

Social Media

Your social media accounts should function as an extension of your website. Maintain fun and active Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other accounts not only promote your content, but serve to build up your personality and profile. Become active in social communities that are relevant to your content. Furthermore, make sure your content is easy to share by adding social sharing plugins on your website, this way your visitors could share your contents with their social circle.

Paid Traffic

If you want to gain high traffic in a short time, paid traffic is your best bet. Many websites rely on the pay per click (PPC) advertising, it is a form of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays for clicks on their ads, only paying for actual traffic driven to their website. Depending on your budget and industry, the cost may vary. If you want to take your site to this level of visibility, paid content discovery platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook’s PPC platform can really extend your website’s reach and increase your traffic.