There are several aspects of Pinterest that make it appealing to ecommerce sites. The most important is its visual format, good for online retailers to promote their products through photos. Having a place where you do nothing but post, share and link those images is the perfect way to bring customers to your site.
By creating different pinboards, you open up the opportunity to direct attention to very specific products. This allows you to gain profits on products that might be too niche to otherwise qualify for a serious marketing budget.
One of the best and underused Pinterest features is the price banner. To add a banner on your pined product that show the price, simply add the dollar sign $ with the price in the product description. It’s really easy and effective.
While Pinterest has the power to drive high quality referral traffic, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is about customer engagement. There is nothing more annoying than a brand aggressively pushing their product in a spammy way. Be sure to interact with other Pinners in a natural and conversational manner.
Optimizing your Pinterest account may take some time, skills and creativity but it is worth the effort given the success of Pinterest in relation to eCommerce transactions. Pinterest marketing can be a hugely useful business tool with a creative and strategic implementation.